Potent ammunition in our fight to conserve and protect.
thanks to you
  • Today, there are 36 million whitetail deer versus an estimated 500,000 in 1900.
  • Hunters have preserved more than 11 million acres of waterfowl habitat nationwide.
  • The current wild turkey population is 5.6 million. In 1952, it was 100,000.
  • There are now 12 times more Rocky Mountain elk than there were in 1907.
  • Pronghorn antelope are 1,000,000 strong today. There were only 12,000 of them 50 years ago.
top 5 things you should know
As an American sportsman you should not only know these five things—it’s your duty to spread the word.
  • 1More than 10 percent of every firearm and ammunition purchase goes to directly fund wildlife and habitat restoration.
  • 2Through license fees and excise taxes, sportsmen contribute 4.7 million dollars per day that goes to conservation efforts.
  • 3Hunters and anglers have contributed 8 billion dollars, through fees and taxes, to preserve our wildlife and environment.
  • 4Conservation efforts funded by hunters’ purchases have helped save more than 38 million acres of America’s habitat.
  • 5Since 1937, 3.7 million acres have been purchased and turned into wildlife management areas.

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take pride - hold your head high.

I am an American Sportsman
With every firearm and box of ammo you purchase, you are contributing to one of the greatest conservation efforts the world has ever known. Through excise taxes and license fees, American sportsmen provide over 4.7 million dollars a day to preserve our wildlife and environment. The result has been millions of acres of habitat saved and near-miraculous population increases in deer, elk, antelope, waterfowl and other game. So be proud. Because of you, the great outdoors are still great and will be enjoyed by future generations.


Download the PDF below to read about the legislation that has made this conservation effort possible—the Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration Act, better known as the Pittman-Robertson Act.

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